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Ekkehard Friebe Ekkehard Friebe ist männlich

Dabei seit: 23.11.2005
Beiträge: 1154

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Die Homepage von Professor Paul Marmet (Kanada) mit dem Titel: "Absurdities in Modern Physics: A Solution" hat folgende URL:

Sehr aufschlu?reich ist das Inhaltsverzeichnis dieser Homepage:



1- Promulgation of Absurdities

1-1 The Copenhagen Interpretation
1-2 Causality
1-3 Role of Mathematics
1-4 Duality
1-5 Early Historical Development of Non-Rationalism
1-6 The Berkeley-Copenhagen Interpretation
1-7 Discredit of Philosophy
1-8 QM Implies Infinite Velocities
2 - Experiments in Physics and Some Models
2-1 Schr?dinger's Cat
2-2 Tertium non datur
2-3 Causality in Experiments
2-4 Dualistic Model
3 - The Subjectivity of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Relationship
3-1 Heisenberg's Uncertainty Relationship
3-2 Heisenberg's Wave Packet Description
3-3 Static Analysis
3-4 Characteristics of Some Phase-Sensitive Frequency Meters
3-5 Basic Principles Involved in Phase-Locked Detectors
3-6 Confusion between Poor Instrumentation and a Basic Phenomenon
3-7 Hidden Criteria
3-8 Irrelevance of the Planck Constant h to Photon Energy
3-9 Hidden Units
3-10 The Relationship E = h.ny
4 - What Is Realism?
4-1 Why Nature Does not Appear Compatible with Realism
4-2 What Is Realism?
4-3 Confusion about the Meaning of Realism
4-4 Tests of Physical Reality
5, 6 and 7 - Realistic Description of the Photon

8 - Reality of Waves in Particles

8-9 Physical Reality of Quantum Tunneling
8-10 Demonstration of Classical Tunneling
8-11 Physical Realism in the Description of the "High Jumper Effect"
Appendix I - Allegory of the Cave

Besonders bemerkendwert erscheinen mir hierin die Abschnitte 3-8 bis 3-10:


3-8 Irrelevance of the Planck Constant h to Photon Energy.

It is believed that following Eq. 3.1, the Planck constant determines the amount of uncertainty of energy of the photon. On the contrary, one can show that the uncertainty is not a function of the Planck constant. Let us divide both sides of Eq. 3.1 by h and let us substitute E by its value h.ny. Of course, such a division on both sides of the equation does not change the nature of the equation. This gives:
[equation] - - - - - - - 3.20
[equation] - - - - - - - 3.21

Eqs. 3.20 and 3.21 show that the uncertainty relationship does not change at all even if the Planck constant h has a different value. We must conclude from the above that the Planck constant is fundamentally irrelevant to the uncertainty relationship, even if we are accustomed to believing that h appears to determine the amount of uncertainty.

3-9 Hidden Units.

Another observation is related to hidden units. In practice, the unit cycle is overlooked. The absence of the unit cycle is confusing because, unfortunately, as seen in the case of Heisenberg's uncertainty relationship, it makes it impossible to detect mixed units, such as cycles and radians, when they are used in the same equation.
Finally, from Eq. 3.11, we can see now that the units of [equation] are: "radian?Joule?s." and not simply "Joule?s." To avoid confusion, it is essential to indicate clearly that the units are "radian?Joule?s".
So, there is a hidden and arbitrary criterion of resolution in Heisenberg's uncertainty relationship which means that there is no fundamental physical principle involved. Heisenberg's relationship (Eq. 3.11) which corresponds to a criterion of one radian, is just as arbitrary as Eq. 3.16, which corresponds to a criterion of one degree (or 1/57.3 radian), as Eq. 3.6, which corresponds to a criterion of one cycle. Since the Heisenberg uncertainty relationship is an arbitrary criterion that is one of the most important aspects of the Copenhagen Interpretation [3.1]we must realize that it is necessary to reevaluate the significance of Quantum Mechanics [3.1].

3-10 The Relationship E = h.ny

In physics, we have the relationship: E = h.ny
[equation] - - - - - - - 3.22
We will show the units in this relationship are not coherent. We know that the units of E are Joules. The units of h are Joules-second. The units of frequency n are "cycles per second". Therefore E = h.ny gives:
[equation] - - - - - - - 3.23
We divide both sides of 3.23 by [Cycle]. This gives the energy of the photon per cycle. After simplification, we get:
[equation] - - - - - - - 3.24
Eq. 3.24 gives: (Joule/cycle) = Joule. That equation does not make sense because the units are not coherent. "Energy per Cycle" cannot be equal to "Energy". This shows the incoherence of the units in the relationship E = h.ny. The missing "cycle" corresponds to quantizing the energy per cycle. This will be discussed later.

Bitte weiterlesen unter:

"Absurdities in Modern Physics: A Solution"

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