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Geschrieben von Ekkehard Friebe am 29.08.2008 um 10:33:

The Scientific Worldview

Auf folgenden, sehr informativen Blog m?chte ich hinweisen:

The Scientific Worldview
Blog von Glenn Borchardt, Director ?Progressive Science Institute?, Berkeley, CA 94705

Die Zielsetzung dieses Blogs ist:


The purpose of this blog is to:
1. Explore the ramifications of univironmental determinism as the universal mechanism of evolution.
2. Critique various aspects of systems philosophy generally characterized by microcosmic mistakes not already discussed in "The Scientific Worldview" (TSW).
3. Critique various aspects of classical mechanics generally characterized by macrocosmic mistakes not already discussed in TSW.
The philosophical foundation of this blog, and of TSW in general, was developed as "The Ten Assumptions of Science" (iUniverse, 2004) (Chapter 3 in TSW). Thus, I hope that it will be unnecessary to include material covered in detail there. It is my wish to avoid the endless elementary philosophical debates already settled by those necessary assumptions. On the other hand, I am perfectly willing to refer others to the assumptions needed to continue advanced discussions. I will put the deterministic assumptions in ALL CAPS and their indeterministic opposites in italics.


Ein Bild von Glenn Borchardt erhalten Sie mit folgender URL:

Lesen Sie bitte weiter unter:

The Scientific Worldview

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